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How Many Words Does a Quality Book Contain in 2023?

You may be sick of reading about the self-publishing and traditional publishing industries as an aspiring author. The word count ranges, nevertheless, weren't picked at random to limit your creativity. They serve as recommendations for many important purposes. Every writer has at some point in their career wrestled with the matter of word count. No matter if you were writing a novel or trying to satisfy a strict word count limit, it has always been challenging. Here is a list of the actual word requirements for books to give you an idea of how long your book should be.

Why Word Count Is Important?

Word counts are important since, depending on the genre, consumers' expectations for book length differ. It is less likely that a book you write will appeal to your target audience if it does not fall into a particular genre.

The publishing houses may reject your work altogether if it doesn't meet their requirements for books of a certain length. You have more power when you publish independently. The word count is more flexible for established authors who have already written a few popular novels. Agents will presume that the length of the plot is the cause of the novel's submission's high word count by best book writing service . On the other hand, inexperienced writers who produce longer-than-average stories come out as less skilled.

Because the author is new and has not yet grasped how many words in a book they require, editors and publishers assume that the work is lengthy. Publishers don't just suggest word counts based on what seems to be the most reasonable strategy. Instead, they build their standards on what their clients anticipate from them. Publishers need manuscripts to fall within a number of words range that their target audience enjoys when purchasing books since they only want to publish publications that are likely to sell and create income.

Word Count That Is Ideal For Fiction Works

Literary fiction is produced by authors employing their imagination. To name a few types of fiction novels, there are short stories, fiction, legends, fables, and fairy tales. Fictional writers employ these components as jumping-off points for their works even though some of the narrative points, places, and characters are based on real-world incidents or individuals.

Romance Novels

A romance novel is a book whose main plot is on relationships and love. Other stylistic elements common to this genre are usually there, but inconsistently. Because of the subject matter, adult ladies read romance novels the most. While romance could be the easiest genre to write in, it's definitely not. The typical romance reader is a critical, knowledgeable, and unimpressed person by self publishing services.

A successful romance requires a well-planned approach.

How many words should a romance-focused book have? The typical length of a romance novel somewhere between 50,000 and 90,000 words. Because the entire story concentrates around the adventures of two characters, romance is a unique genre. Writing a lengthy novel that is solely about their romance may be difficult for readers as a result. For a conventional romance novel, a word count of 70,000–90,000 is suitable, but 50,000–90,000 words are suitable for a subgenre romance.

Historical Fiction

Generally speaking, it builds a narrative based on historically accurate events and facts but integrates literary elements to convey a story.

The plots, characters, and imaginative events in these books of historical fiction are based on actual events that occurred within a particular time period. Being accurate to the details, customs, and society of a given era is a crucial component of historical fiction. Historical fiction is usually wordy because it takes more words to describe an imagined historical reality.

A word count of 100,000–120,000 is suitable if this is your first historical fiction book and you are unsure of the word count of a novel. When you have more writing experience, you can write about 150,000 words.

Because there are so many historical occurrences in this genre, authors are given a higher word limit. However, authors who restrict the length of their novels to 100,000 words or fewer run the risk of being less enlightening and coming out as partial.

Young Adult Fiction

A young adult (YA) fiction novel is a type of fiction written with readers between the ages of twelve and eighteen in mind. Although the genre is geared toward young adults, almost half of readers are adults. The protagonist's age and experience define YA novels by their subject matter and genres.

Most literature genres are represented in young adult novels. In YA or middle grade literature, themes including friendship, first love, relationships, and personality are frequent. How many words must a novel have to qualify as young adult? Possibly more so than any other category, YA offers a lot of flexibility with word counts.

The range of 55,000–79,999 words is a great place to start. When it hits the 80,000s, you might be alright, but there must be a valid purpose for getting that high. There is a strong argument for writing a longer YA novel that is at the top of the scale if the book is sci-fi or fantasy. Due to the world-building, these categories are anticipated to be a little longer.

New Adult Fiction

The majority of today's new adult (NA) literature is geared toward adolescents and young adults in their teens and early twenties. Although the target demographic for NA literature is thought to be readers between the ages of 18 and 25, some experts think the market may extend to people as old as 30. In contrast to Young Adult novels, New Adult fiction characters are more likely to be involved in self-discovery and exploration.

A word count of 60,000 to 85,000 is suitable for NA fiction. If you are an experienced writer, you are capable of producing up to 100,000 words. A book with a word count of more than 100,000 words has a higher likelihood of being read by adults or new adults than one with a word count of less than 90,000.

Science Fiction

Sci-fi, or "sci-fi," is a common term for science fiction novels, a category of fiction books with innovative but scientific themes. Sci-fi, in contrast to fantasy, makes extensive use of information and ideas from other planets to inform its worlds, characters, stories, themes, and character motivations. In addition, science fiction writings include a human element that explains how discoveries, occasions, and technological advancements may affect the future.

How many words should a science fiction book have? A science fiction book typically has between 90,000 and 115,000 words. The average duration of a best-selling science fiction book is about 95,000 words. World-building in science fiction is an art. Because a whole new setting needs to be created, this genre takes longer to finish than others.

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